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  1114-AnniversaryInBaltimore.jpg - 2nd Place - 1014Dottie Pope - Flowers All A-Bloomin' -- Appliquéd Quilt - 1 person. Judged. 80x100”. Hand Appliquéd, 2009. Machine quilted by Dottie Pope. Layout and floral designs by:  Bee Creative. This was my first attempt at piecing an appliquéd background. The pattern suggested a lattice-backed and appliquéd border, but when I saw how large the finished quilt would be, I opted for a more simple border. The machine quilting just fell into place from there. Quilt DO speak!  

2nd Place - 1114 Georgann Wrinkle - Anniversary in Baltimore -- Appliquéd Quilt - 2 or more persons. Judged. 78x78”. Hand Appliquéd, 2010. Machine quilted by Denise Green. Blocks: traditional antique designs; trees: Anne Connery. The inspiration started with the "Phoebe Warner Quilt" made in 1803 which currently hangs at the MMoA of NYC.  The design also appears in 1883 and again in the 1930s.  In my "Phoebe Quilt," the five sheep represent our five children and the vase of flowers represent our seventeen grandchildren  Of course, Fred and I flank the flowers always busy with our hobbies while guarding the fragile blooms.  The center is bordered by 20 eight inch BAQ blocks. Download