Upcoming Events
Lakeview Quilters Guild
Serving the Greater Houston and Neighboring Communities
Meetings: Third Monday of the Month
Social Time: 6:30-7:00 p.m., Meeting: 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Location:  Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
on Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay
If you would like to join our guild, please fill out our membership form.
Contact us: website@lakeviewquiltersguild.org

Our guild banner flew on NASA's Space Shuttle STS-85 mission.

Lottery Blocks

The lottery block for April is the Shoofly block.

Lottery Blocks will catch up when meetings resume. 


You have time to make more March red, white and blue Cowboy Boot blocks. And the block for April is a pastel (or Spring-like colors) Shoofly Block. These offer a perfect break from the larger projects you're working on and/or as a way to take your mind off current events.


These blocks generate income for the guild when sold at our annual auction. Please be generous with your time.

How does the lottery block system work?  Make two blocks.  One is for the lottery; the other is used in the guild's annual auction.  For each two blocks you make and turn in on the due date, you get  one chance to win all the blocks in the lottery set.  The more you make, the greater your chance to win - and the guild's share of block-sets bring in auction income that helps pay for our programs. 

If you did not turn in your blocks on the due date, you can still contribute to the guild by making blocks for the auction.  Visit the Auction/Lottery Blocks page for instructions.


Workshops can give you new techniques, new knowledge, and new inspiration - you may be surprised at what YOU can do!  Check out all of our upcoming workshops by looking at the guild Calendar.  Workshop sign-ups are taken at the Workshop table at guild meetings, or contact our 2nd VP Jane S.  Sign-ups are considered confirmed only after payment of fees.  Sign up early as slots often fill quickly.

Do you have an idea for a workshop or a speaker?  Email us your suggestions!! 

Community Service Quilts

If you are interested in making a community service quilt, check out our Community Service page.  Scroll down for a list of suggested sizes of quilts.  A multitude of kits are available at each guild meeting for piecing, quilting, and/or binding.  You don't have to do everything -- every little bit helps in the making of these heartfelt gifts to people in our community who are dealing with unique challenges.

For a slideshow of our May 2018 Community Service night, visit our Community Service Slideshow page.

Check out the Calendar

Take a look at who is lined up to come and speak to us; we have a lot of great speakers coming!  Visit the Calendar page and then scroll down.

Our Library

Be sure to check out our Library page for a list of our library books or to contact our Librarian.


4/20/20 Guild Meeting CANCELLED 

MAY 2, 2020

Can I still purchase raffle tickets?

Absolutely! Tickets can be purchased. We will have the drawing on May 2nd. Tickets costs are one for $1.00 or six for $5.00. To purchase tickets, please send your check to:

Lakeview Quilters Guild

P.O. Box 580365

Nassau Bay, TX 77258

We have plenty of tickets and will fill out your information on the number of tickets you are purchasing.

I have tickets and money to turn in. What should I do?

Please mail the tickets that have been filled out and the money to PO Box:

Lakeview Quilters Guild

P.O. Box 580365

Nassau Bay, TX 77258

Has the date changed for the drawing of the winning ticket on the raffle quilt?

We publicized May 2, 2020 as the date we will pull the winning ticket, and we stand by that date.

Masks Requested


Tutorial available at clearlake.minutemanpress.com. Scroll down a little bit and you’ll find it.
Here is a little bit of info we received from UTMB Galveston - they specifically requested this style of mask.

“Are you able to sew covers to slip in surgical masks?

I work at UTMB Galveston. We are not able to wear masks yet because they say they will not have enough. We are all caring for patients completely unprotected and feel very vulnerable.

The ones that I am trying to get for all of our staff is from the YouTube tutorial where a surgical mask is slipped inside.

We have an all adult female staff with a little over 100 people in Mother/Baby. I also work with the NICU staff and they have mostly women with a few men. Our pediatric/PICU floor has one man and the rest female about 25 people. As well as our Labor and Delivery Unit all female about 100 people. My goal is to get a mask on every staff member in the Women's, Infants and Children at UTMB Galveston.

Please have them attach something that shows who made these, so that our staff members may thank them!”

When and where masks can be dropped off is at bottom of tutorial.