Auction/Lottery Blocks

If you did not turn in your blocks on the due date, you can still contribute to the guild by making blocks for the auction.  Just make a few blocks from the selection below.  Turn them in at any of our guild meetings.  We will include them in the block sets at our Annual August Auction.

September 2019 - Polka Dot Pinwheel

October 2019 - Batik Maple Leaf

November 2019 - Snowball I Spy

January 2020 - Christmas Sawtooth Star

February 2020 - Broken Dish

March 2020 - Cowboy Boot

 April 2020 - Shoofly

June 2020 - House

July 2020 - Sailboat

September 2020 - Polka Dot Pinwheels

October 2020 - Spool of Thread

November 2020 - Bow Tie Block